Quem Criou Rocket Raccoon?

Quem criou Rocket Raccoon

Quando o filme Guardiões da Galáxia chegou aos cinemas – no Brasil, a estreia foi nesta quinta-feira, 31 – milhões de espectadores ao redor do mundo conheceram o herói mais improvável da temporada: Rocket Raccoon, um animalzinho rabugento e aficionado por armas. Ninguém, contudo, ficará mais surpreso do que a pessoa que ajudou a criá-lo, 38 anos atrás.

Origin and Living Status

Gamora then questioned Rocket of how they should get any supplies, in which he noted that some inmates find her attractive so maybe she could come up with some kind of trade. Quill then expressed his fear that the plan would be impossible to pull off, but Rocket angrily insisted that they should figure it out. As Rocket explained the plan again, the operation went awry when Groot completed the last step first, setting off the alarms and causing him to be frustrated.

As Rocket and the group walked inside the compound, he told Quill that the prison guards are here to stop prisoners from getting out and do not care for what they're doing inside their cells. As Quill found himself a target in the prison when a Monstrous Inmate attempted to start a fight, Groot saved him from by defeating him as Rocket claimed that Quill was their booty and no one else was to go near them or else their go through them.

Once Taserface spotted the Yaka Arrow and dodged it, causing it to hit the ship and blow up some of the surface, Rocket called Udonta a maniac believing that he had doomed their chances of escape, but Udonta told him that Obfonteri will release the Quadrant for their escape. Udonta then led them to the Quadrant which Obfonteri was detaching from the rest of the Eclector. The three then joined Obfonteri in the Quadrant and departed from the Eclector as it blew up.

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As the group had reunited inside the Milano, reviewed recent events and decided that it was up to them to prevent Ronan the Accuser from destroying Xandar with his Infinity Stone, Rocket was doubtful that they would succeed, upon hearing that Quill's plan for stopping Ronan was rob him despite the risk. Star-Lord berated Rocket for nearly blowing him and Gamora inside the Eclector after giving the Yondu Ravager Clan a count of five.

As Groot told Rocket that the plan is higher than eleven percent, he angrily questions on Groot's thinking. Quill then tells the team that they know they had lost many things in their life but now it is the time give a shit about the people in the galaxy. Rocket tells Quill that what they're doing to stop Ronan is impossible only for the group to come along and agree to fight alongside each other. Being dumbfounded on how they would die fighting for the galaxy, Rocket had no choice but stand up, admitting that he doesn't have a long lifespan.

Affiliation and Relationships

The Guardians were quickly followed by the Sovereign fleet, who were furious with Rocket for stealing their Anulax Batteries. As Gamora had questioned the team on why the Sovereign had followed them, Drax the Destroyer accidentally revealed to them that Rocket had stolen their batteries, much to Rocket's anger of being caught. As the Sovereign began to fire at them, the team maneuvered around the field of space to escape the incoming lasers.

When Thanos ordered an airstrike, Rocket attempted to shield Groot from the attack. However, the strike suddenly stopped, and when Rocket looked up, he discovered Captain Marvel arrive at the battlefield. She then destroyed the Sanctuary II, much to Rocket's enjoyment.

Upon their arrival, the team witnessed the wreckage of a ship that had been recently destroyed, leaving the Asgardians to die in space. As the team looked around in horror, Rocket commented on the likelihood of any survivors that'll get them paid for their rescue. When Thor suddenly smashed onto their front window of their ship, Rocket loudly complained and called for wipers before realizing that he was still alive.

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    Flip through 32 Marvel-ous images from this super exhibit

While traveling the galaxy, Rocket befriended Groot, and the pair committed crimes and picked up bounties. In 2014, they met Star-Lord, who convinced them to assist him in selling the Orb, which was being sought after by Ronan the Accuser, for a massive profit. However, when they discovered that the Orb contained the Power Stone, Rocket was convinced to risk everything to stop Ronan's plans from using the Infinity Stone to destroy Xandar. During the ensuing conflict, Rocket managed to assist his friends in destroying Ronan, although this resulted in Groot being killed. Rocket then became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy alongside the newly planted baby Groot.

Once Rocket recommended they turn back before they got trapped, Quill announced his coordinates to the Ravagers in order to reveal his location and exited his Mining Pod. Just as Star-Lord proceeded to exit his pod and flew through deep space to reach Gamora, Rocket protested that he would not be able to survive in the extreme conditions of deep space, but Quill placed his helmet onto her, causing him to leave before they were rescued by the Ravagers.

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With his and the others' criminal records expunged, Rocket joined all the Guardians as they were led outside by Irani Rael to find that as a gift for defeating Ronan the Accuser, the Milano had just been repaired. Rocket then lamented that Rhomann Dey had informed him and the other that they could no longer steal anything or they would all be immediately arrested. Rocket tried to question what he could get away with but found little satisfaction from this.

After his near-death experience and meeting the souls of his friends in the afterlife, Rocket began to experience a massive shift in character. Despite being visibly frightened by the High Evolutionary, he refused to run and chose to save all the captives on the High Evolutionary's ship. While helping the prisoners evacuate, he came across captive animals. He saw the High Evolutionary had baby raccoons and they're from Earth, which got him to realize that Quill was right about where he came from and was right about him. Seeing the raccoons and other captive animals caused Rocket to openly weep as he was brought back to his origins and where his life began. From this, Rocket was finally able to accept both his past and his identity as a raccoon, even putting it in his name when he was confronting the High Evolutionary.

Shortly, Rocket witnessed, from afar, Thanos's arrival and his victory in achieving the Mind Stone from Vision. Suddenly, Thor arrived and unleashed a devastating attack with Stormbreaker. However, Thanos, despite being injured, used his now completed Infinity Gauntlet, to snap his fingers and teleported away. To Rocket's horror, he watched as Groot, who was calling out to him, disintegrated into dust.

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When Taserface noticed Rocket was laughing out loud at the declaration of the new leadership of their Ravager clan, Rocket questioned Taserface about his name, learning he only chose it because he thought it sounded intimidating; only to be further questioned, resulting on having Taserface's allies started to lose amount laughter and replace it with some confusion. While Taserface tried to torture Udonta, Rocket still snickered at Taserface's name, much to irritation.

The three proceeded to get out of the cell through hall of the Eclector where Udonta eliminated all of the Ravagers with his Yaka Arrow before they could react to shooting at their prisoners. When the three make their way to the big station where the Ravagers were alerted, Udonta used his Yaka Arrow to kill the rest of them one by one, as they drop all the way to ground. Groot then attacked Retch and dropped him to the ground. Rocket then met Groot on his shoulder once he killed Retch with no remorse.


Groot went to retrieve Udonta's underwear and showed them to the pair. Udonta again told Groot to find his prototype fin but still misunderstood him by bringing in an Orloni. With Udonta asking Rocket to instruct Groot, he attempted to explain where to get the item but Groot brought Vorker's eye, making him laugh at the prospect of leaving out the eye. As they tell Groot where to find the fin, he begins to bring incorrect items, such as a desk and a thumb.

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy departed from Earth, they decided to let Thor join them, as he was now without a path, much like all of them. They waited for Thor on New Asgard to say his goodbyes to Valkyrie, but Rocket hurried him up as he stood outside the Benatar.

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They then charged at Thanos' forces, with Rocket riding on Rhodes as he flew towards the opposing army, protecting him from the fast-paced and chaotic battle. Rocket eventually joined the battle on the ground, picking off incoming enemies side by side again with Winter Soldier. Rocket later reunited with Groot, and the two fought together.

As the Ravagers still fired him with their firearms, Rocket used his special device that turns on the anti-gravity mines, sending multiple Ravagers up in the air from each direction they came from and doing it repeatedly with each button input. Rocket eventually move over to a group of Ravagers in a single file line and planted electric disks on each one of their heads. Once Rocket was done setting up the device implants on the Ravagers, Rocket then presses the button to activate the device that would electrocute them simultaneously, as they painfully scream from their demise.

Quill quickly grabbed the Power Stone, resulting in all its energy coursing through his body, slowly killing him. As Quill was slowly disintegrated by the Infinity Stone's power, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket linked hands to share the burden. As they reversed the Stone's power, the team successfully channeled the Power Stone's energy. Quill then opened his hand, releasing some of the Power Stone's energy, killing Ronan. Gamora then sealed the Power Stone in a containment orb, freeing them of its deadly power.

Como Rocket foi criado?

Bill Mantlo Keith Giffen Rocket Raccoon/Created by

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