Porque Battlestar Galactica?

Porque Battlestar Galactica

Prepare to embark on an interstellar adventure as one of science fiction’s most iconic franchises makes a thrilling comeback. Peacock’s Battlestar Galactica reboot has generated immense excitement among fans and newcomers alike, as it breathes new life into the series. From its origins as a groundbreaking television series in the late 1970s to its critically acclaimed 2004 reimagining, Battlestar Galactica has captivated audiences with its gripping tale of Cylons, an attack on the 12 Colonies, and a battleship named Galactica protecting a fleet of civilian ships.

Reboots & Remakes

Galactica's Boomer begins behaving strangely, unaware that she's a Cylon. Another Boomer on Caprica seduces a pilot, Karl "Helo" Agathon, in an attempt to create a human-Cylon hybrid baby.

After total nuclear destruction of "Earth," only five scientific researchers survived. They invented resurrection technology, which "downloads" their consciousness into a new, identical clone body. Knowing that the humans had since become the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, these "Final Five" Cylons made it their mission to find them and warn them that the past could repeat itself, and to treat their creations better. 

The final few episodes of season 3 get a little chaotic, with Adama putting Baltar on trial, Apollo coming to his defense, and the humans jumping away to safety but seemingly giving up on finding Earth. Roslin's cancer returns. Starbuck, who's been acting strangely, flies off in a daze following an invisible Cylon raider, but her ship gets caught in atmospheric pressure and crushed. Starbuck is presumed dead... for a while, that is.

Is Peacock’s Battlestar Galactica Revival Still Happening

Is Peacock’s Battlestar Galactica Revival Still Happening

Now, Peacock takes the helm, promising to deliver a fresh and immersive experience that honors the franchise’s rich legacy while introducing innovative ideas. As we eagerly await the arrival of Peacock’s Battlestar Galactica Reboot, join us as we gather every piece of information available, piecing together the puzzle of what lies ahead. Discover the creative minds behind the project and the intricate web of stories that will unfold in this new chapter of the Battlestar Galactica saga.

The original 1978 Battlestar Galactica series also follows this Cylon rebellion on the Twelve Colonies — in essence, the third Cylon rebellion in history. That series isn't exactly a prequel to the 2004 series... but it isn't exactly not, either. Characters like Adama and Starbuck exist in the original and the reboot. But the original only takes place during a single Cylon War, whereas the reboot series references the First Cylon War as being 40 years prior to current events.

Tyrol and Anders contact Galactica and Pegasus, who have been plotting a rescue mission on their own. Apollo, commanding the Pegasus, has gained a lot of weight and married Dualla. (Adama grew a mustache. Hey, everyone dealt with it in their own way.)

Season 3: New Caprica

In the season's final moments, the fleet is attacked once again by Cylon forces. When Apollo and the other viper pilots seem like they're about to be blown to bits, Starbuck's plane suddenly appears. She tells Apollo over the com that she's been to Earth and knows how to get there.

Battlestar Galactica is generally set in a universe where human civilization lives on twelve planets called the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. In the past, the humans had created a race of androids called the Cylons who had started a war with the humans before signing an armistice and not being seen for several decades. The makers of Peacock’s Battlestar Galactica TV series have reiterated that the new reboot will take place in the same continuity as the 2004 Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, keeping the entails close to their chest. According to Kinberg, there will be connections, but this will certainly not simply be a continuation or a remake of Ron Moore’s masterpiece.

The final battle revolves around Hera

The final battle revolves around Hera

On the colonies, a few decades of peace followed. The Final Five helped to create the eight biological "skinjob" models of Cylon, but they still harbored resentment towards the human race. Model Number One, a.k.a. John Cavil, found it particularly difficult to let go of his anger, or of his jealousy for other models. He corrupted the Cylon model Number Seven, essentially making it extinct. He also turned on the Final Five, stealing their memories and banishing them into various points in the Twelve Colonies timeline, essentially making the Final Five humans who don't know their true identities. Cavil also took the memories of the other remaining six Cylon models and eventually convinced them to attack the humans again.

While Sam Esmail has not stated that he’s leaving the reboot, most of his focus will presumably be placed on the new Metropolis miniseries, as he is directing and writing every single episode. Both Metropolis and Battlestar Galactica are sci-fi franchises of epic proportions, with Esmail only ever working on relatively low-budget series, it is not unfounded to imagine that the scale of both projects might be slowing down the production. Another issue that might be causing a delay is that Peacock is also working on a Battlestar Galactica movie that will supposedly be linked to the series.Battlestar Galactica reboot Sam Esmail

In a major finale twist, four of the Final Five are revealed. Tyrol, Anders, Tigh, and Roslin's aid, Tory Foster, all begin hearing music in their heads. They hum along to a plinky plunky version of "All Along the Watchtower" and meet each other secretly in a hangar deck, fully realizing who they are. Cylons!

The Final Five Civil War

Meanwhile, Cylon model Number Three, D'Anna, begins repeatedly killing herself and resurrecting because every time she dies she has visions of something called "The Final Five" — five other Cylon models that no one knew existed.

Uwa stumbled on writing by happenstance and has since been hooked. She has a particular fondness for films that weave comedy and heartwarming romance into their stories as they can create an escape from the stressors of daily life. Interestingly, she also finds herself drawn to the gritty realism of the true crime genre. Uwa previously wrote features pieces for Collider.

The attack leaves Galactica the last remaining human battleship, Roslin inherits the role of president, and a fleet of civilian ships survive under their watch. The whole fleet jumps away from their home system and heads out into space to search for the lost 13th Colony: Earth. Meanwhile, it's revealed that Boomer is actually a disguised Cylon, one of seven skinjob models who are able to re-upload themselves into new bodies if they're killed in action.


As the series ends, Jimi Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watchtower" plays as we see footage of artificial intelligence, robots, and humans interacting with robots, suggesting maybe it will happen again after all. 

The Pegasus, however, turns out to be a crew full of jerks. Helo and Tyrol prevent a Pegasus crew member from raping Boomer, accidentally killing another crew member in the process. Cain sentences them to death, but Adama refuses to hand out the punishment. Cain and Adama plot against one another, while Baltar cures Roslin's cancer with amniotic fluid from Boomer's fetus. Gina shoots Cain in the head, killing her, and sets off a nuclear bomb, destroying half the fleet.

As the fleet tries to find a new homeworld, Ellen Tigh is revealed as the final Cylon, but she's kept prisoner by Cavil and the vengeful Number Ones. Cavil also kidnaps Hera, the human-Cylon hybrid. The fleet plans a rescue, but Galactica is damaged beyond repair. The Final Five eventually remember everything about their past: "All this has happened and will happen again." A semi-comatose Sam Anders is hooked up to Galactica as its own Hybrid, and an epic Battle of the Colony ensues, with Cavil and the "bad" Cylons finally defeated. 

Quantas temporadas tem Battlestar Galactica?

4 Battlestar Galactica/Número de temporadas

Quais são os cylons?

Ela conta a respeito da guerra entre Cylons e Humanos. Os Cylons foram criados por uma raça reptiliana já extinta que deixou os seus robôs por aí. Subtende-se que esta raça também chamada Cylon foi subjugada por sua própria criação.

Quem são os 5 cylons?

Apenas 5 sobreviveram: Ellen Tigh, Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, Samuel Anders e Tory Foster. Estes cinco cylons eram cientistas que criaram o projeto de ressurreição para que sua raça não perecesse, uma vez que para eles era impossível a reprodução. Foi assim que eles sobreviveram.

Como termina a série Galactica?

A temporada termina com Boomer original, sabendo que ela é uma Cylon, agora ativada, atirando em Adama duas vezes no peito na ponte.

O que aconteceu com Kara Thrace?

Conhecida como Starbuck, Kara aparentemente morre na terceira temporada, o que chocou muitos fãs. E eles foram levados a crer que realmente era isso o que acontecia com a personagem, definitivamente. A atriz Katee Sackhoff chegou a dar entrevistas falando sobre a saída de Battlestar Galactica.

Quem é o último cylon?

Enquanto isso, fica-se sabendo que Ellen é o último cylon. Doze meses antes, logo após a fuga de New Caprica, ela havia renascido em uma baseship e lembrara todo o seu passado.