Quantos Watts Tem A JBL Clip 4?

Quantos watts tem a JBL clip 4

A JBL Clip 4 é a opção mais portátil da marca, com a proposta de ser fácil e prática de carregar para qualquer lugar. Isso tudo sem comprometer a qualidade de áudio e também a duração da bateria. Já que contamos com uma potência sonora de 5 W RMS, ideal para criar uma ambientação ou mesmo ouvir músicas para descontrair. Seu tanque de energia tem uma duração estimada de até 10 horas de reprodução contínua. Entre outras funcionalidades, podemos citar o JBL Original Sound Pro, que promete alta fidelidade de som e equalização de primeira. Além disso, a JBL Clip 4 ainda conta com certificação IP67, o que protege contra poeira e água. Este modelo ainda está disponível em três cores: azul, vermelho e uma combinação de preto com laranja. Outro destaque do seu design é justamente o mosquetão incorporado, que permite prender a caixa de som e diversas alças, desde bolsas até fivelas de calça.

The JBL Clip 4 isn't meant for watching videos and movies, but if you pair it to your phone to watch some videos, it can get the job done. Its low latency with iOS and Android devices means that you don't notice any lip-synching issues, and audio is in sync with the video on your screen. Dialogue is reproduced with clarity, too. However, it doesn't get very loud, and there isn't a lot of rumble in the bass for action-packed scenes.

How does the JBL Clip 4 sound?

The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is a better speaker than the JBL Clip 4. The Anker has a more balanced sound profile, and it's more customizable thanks to the graphic EQ in its companion app. Also, it has a longer battery life than the JBL and can get louder. However, the JBL's soundstage is perceived as more open, though its bass can sound a bit muddy. Although both speakers are outstandingly portable, the JBL has a clip that lets you attach it to your bag.

Editor’s note: this JBL Clip 4 review was updated on May 18, 2023, to update the formatting, expand the list of buying options, and ensure that all information is current.

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JBL wants you to bring this playful Bluetooth speaker anywhere, or at least have the option to do so. The IP67 build protects it from dust and water, while the integrated carabiner makes attaching it to the outside of your bag a cinch. A familiar fabric wrap covers the front and rear sections of the speaker, so you can easily grip it under any condition. Much like the JBL Xtreme 3, rubberized ribs line the backside and prevent it from sliding about when you lay it flat on a table. The company’s logo occupies the bulk of the front panel, and its only purpose is to inform passersby that you purchased a JBL speaker.

Five buttons live on the speaker, three on the front and two on the left side. The button trio controls playback and volume (though you can’t go back a track), while the side buttons are for pairing and powering the speaker on/off. While JBL’s aesthetic may not appeal to all, its button layout and definition are great: it’s easy to find and differentiate between controls without looking at the speaker.

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

The Bose SoundLink Micro is a better speaker for outdoor use than the JBL Clip 4. The Bose has better controls, and while it doesn't get as loud as the JBL, it can reach its max volume with fewer compression artifacts. It also supports your smartphone's voice assistant, it has a companion app that allows you to connect it to other units, and you can pair it with up to two devices at a time. However, the JBL is better built and has a slightly better-balanced sound profile.

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 3 is a better speaker than the JBL Clip 4 overall. The Ultimate Ears can get louder with less compression at max volume, so your audio sounds cleaner when you blast the speaker. It has a more balanced sound profile that can produce a slightly deeper bass. It also has a long-lasting battery life of over 22 hours from a single charge, unlike the JBL's 5.5 hours. The JBL is smaller and has a built-in carabiner hook, making it easier to transport. It also has lower Bluetooth latency with iOS and Android devices.

The JBL Clip 4 is acceptable for outdoor use. Overall, this small and lightweight Bluetooth speaker is really easy to bring with you, whether you're on a hike or chilling at the park. It's sturdy and durable, too, with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance to protect it against the elements. Since it doesn't get very loud, you'll want to keep it close by when listening to your favorite tunes.

JBL Clip 4

JBL Clip 4

Like its predecessor, the Clip 4 puts out more volume and better sound than you'd expect, though it does have its limitations. The bass is adequate and the speaker can sound decent with less demanding tracks (these little speakers tend to excel with acoustical material because they're strong in the midrange). It also works well for supplying richer sound for movie playback than what your phone or tablet speakers are capable of.

Listeners who want more impressive bass from their speaker should turn their attention to the JBL Flip 6 ($99 at Amazon). You get premium features like JBL PartyBoost, dual-passive radiators, and longer battery life.

No, the JBL Clip 4 doesn’t support JBL PartyBoost or JBL Connect+, which is a real shame. It would be great to bike with a friend and wirelessly daisy chain two Clip 4 speakers. Alas, that’s why the Flip 4 and Flip 5 exist. There is no software for the Clip 4, so don’t hold your breath for any firmware updates.

Compared To Other Speakers

I also like the Go 3's rectangular design, which can be stood up on its side or laid flat (it's rubberized on the bottom and its side). Its only downside is that its battery life is rated at 5 hours compared to 10 hours for the Clip 4. Your mileage will vary according to your volume levels, so note that battery life ratings are based on playing audio at 50% volume. Don't expect to get anywhere near 10 hours if you crank your tunes.

The Clip 4 is much cheaper than the $179 Roam and more travel-friendly. If you want a do-it-all speaker, the Roam could make sense, but most people will be better off with the more affordable Clip 4.

What’s it like to use the JBL Clip 4?

Given the speaker's smaller size, it's not a surprise that it doesn't get very loud. It fills smaller rooms with sound, but it isn't intended for larger or more open spaces. There's a bit of compression as you turn it to max volume, too, so you'll notice some pumping artifacts in the mix as you crank it up.

The Clip 4 is much cheaper than the $179 Roam and more travel-friendly. If you want a do-it-all speaker, the Roam could make sense, but most people will be better off with the more affordable Clip 4.

In the song Vertigo by Paces and Yorke, Yorke’s introductory vocals sound clear through the Clip 4. The quieted bass notes don’t even have a shot at masking her vocals. In the original master, the chorus of Vertigo is bass-heavy, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from how the Clip 4 renders it. Even if you’d never heard the song before, you’d likely sense that something was missing from the chorus and that something is the kick drum’s oomph.

Hold up! Something’s different:

Yes, you can bring the Clip 4 into the shower with you. Be aware that the speaker’s waterproofing degrades over time, though.

Yes, you can bring the Clip 4 into the shower with you. Be aware that the speaker’s waterproofing degrades over time, though.

Avaliações de usuários

Avaliações de usuários

This section features an old frequency response chart. We’re still ironing out our standardized speaker tests with the appropriate support equipment to update our testing and data collection. It will take a bit to get everything fleshed out, but we will update this review (and many others!) once we’re able with improved sound quality measurements and performance plots. These will be made obvious by a new chart aesthetic (black background instead of white).

The Sony SRS-XB12 is a better speaker than the JBL Clip 4 overall. The Sony has less compression present at max volume, so your audio sounds cleaner at louder volume levels. It supports voice assistants through your smartphone. It can also last over 13 hours from a single charge, though this can depend on your usage, and your experience may differ. That said, the JBL can produce a more extended low-bass. It also comes with a built-in hook you can use to clip it to your bag.

Like the Clip 4, the Sonos Roam has an IP67 dust- and water-resistant build but there is no way to attach a carry strap to the Roam. Its compact size still makes it a good adventure speaker though. To take full advantage of all that the Roam has to offer, you’ll need to download the Sonos app (iOS/Android). This is where you select your preferred voice assistant and set up streaming services that you can direct the Roam to use when connected to Wi-Fi. You also get access to Sonos Radio, a proprietary music streaming service.

Quantos W tem a FLIP 4?

8 W A Flip 4 trabalha com Bluetooth 4.2 e dois transdutores de 40 mm, com potência de 8 W cada para auxiliar na qualidade do som. O modelo está disponível nas cores azul, branco, vermelho e camuflado, com previsão de receber uma versão na cor preta e uma edição especial Mosaic.

Quantos watts tem a JBL Flip 3?

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Qual a diferença entre a JBL Flip 4 e 5?

Flip 5 oferece som mais potente em relação à Flip 4, que, por sua vez, ainda tem mais recursos e mesma autonomia. Flip 5 é a nova caixa de som Bluetooth da linha intermediária da JBL no Brasil. O modelo chega com maior potência de som em relação à antecessora Flip 4, passando de 16 para 20 Watts RMS.

O que significa cada botão da JBL?

Os botões estão no topo e garantem acesso fácil a todas as funcionalidades dessa caixa de som. Temos um para conectividade Bluetooth e outros para controles de volume, pausar/continuar, ligar/desligar e o acionador do JBL Connect.

Como carregar o JBL Flip 4?

- Para carregar a jbl flip deve-se usar o cabinho original dela para conectar na usb do carregador, ou então, qualquer cabinho mini usb x usb.

Quanto tempo dura a FLIP 4?

Esta caixa de som compacta é alimentada por uma bateria de íons de lítio recarregável de 3.000 mAh, que oferece até 12 horas contínuas de áudio de alta qualidade.

Quanto tempo demora para carregar JBL Flip 4?

Feita de lítio, a bateria tem tempo de recarga de 3,5 horas. Depois disso, é possível ouvir música por até 12 horas sem necessidade de conectar o alto-falante na tomada.

Quanto tempo dura bateria JBL Flip 3?

Para todas as situações, em qualquer tempo Esta caixa de som ultracompacta é alimentada por uma bateria de íon de lítio recarregável de 3000 mAh, que proporciona 10 horas de reprodução de som estéreo de alta qualidade.