Quantos Anos Tinha Troy Bolton?

Quantos anos tinha Troy Bolton

He is the son of Jack Bolton and Lucille Bolton. It took a while for his father to understand his love for singing, but now both parents are supportive, loving and happy. His dad was the coach, so every now and then -- especially on big games -- his father would organize college scouts to come and watch him play.

Troy Bolton

Troy does not have any preferred type of clothing. Basically, he will wear anything that is in style and considered to be cool and the hottest fashion. He is mostly seen in the latest fashion of wearing a shirt that seems too small so when he stretches, a nice view of his abs are shown. Of course the pants that hangs loosely around his waist revealing the tops of either his boxers or briefs. He does not mind wearing clothing that is tight on him either, he does enjoy showing off his hard earned muscles. He does wear occasional slightly baggy shirts as well.

Described as "the hottest boy at East High", Troy has cerulean or cabot blue eyes, floppy medium lengthened brown chestnut-colored hair, high cheekbones, a strong jawline, perfect eyebrows, a straight nose and full lips. He has a very athletic body and the height to match. Weighing in around a 140-pounds of pure body muscle. He is a tall boy, standing at 5'8" tall. His skin is light with a milk and rose complexion which sums up his innocent and playful personality, and speaks about how much he enjoys being outside. Hitting the gym every other day, along with playing basketball constantly, he has nicely defined muscles. However, throughout the series, his body is more defined and becomes more muscular as he develops.

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In the busy cafeteria, Troy and his friends sat around the round table that sat under the balcony in the middle of the cafeteria. Troy had the red cafeteria tray filled with fries, a cup of pudding and a drink. "Where were you after class, man?" Chad asked, his traditional basketball tucked under his arm. Sharpay and Kelsi both rolled their eyes at the bushy-haired teen. "Really, Chad, you won't die without your basketball?" Sharpay said, shaking her blonde head. Kelsi laughed, nodding in agreement. "You'd be surprised what he can't do without it." Troy joked, making the table laugh. Chad glared angrily at his group of friends. "Correction, can he even do anything with it?" Ryan added, causing uproar in the group. Chad, being the person he was, promptly turned his head on his friends, ignoring their taunting. Even through the slight giggles and badly hidden laughs, Kelsi managed to softly hit her boyfriend, glaring at him softly even though she had a smile on her face. "You guys are like the worse friends in the history of friends." Chad finally grumbled once the table had settled down a bit. "So what were you doing after class?" he brought back the question that was left unanswered. "You're really persistent. Talked with my dad, he switched the schedule around so I can work on my project and then go to practice at 4." Troy said. "Speaking of which, has anyone even started the project Darbus gave us?" Ryan asked. The group shook their head. "Hell nah, Romeo and Juliet, are you kidding me? How in the world will Troy and I act out a love play? I'm sorry dude, you may be my captain and all, but I've got to draw the line somewhere." Chad said. Troy looked at him as if he had grown an extra head. "My thoughts exactly. I am not homophobic but Chad is like my brother." Troy said.

Ashley Tisdale chegou a tentar o papel de Gabriella, mas os produtores acharam que ela seria muito melhor como Sharpay Evans, algo que se provou verdadeiro. Enquanto isso, Corbin Bleu tentou o papel de Ryan Evans, irmão de Sharpay, mas Lucas Grabeel foi escolhido e Corbin foi encorajado a tentar o papel de Chad, que acabou conquistando.

"Troy, what are you doing up so late?" Jack asked, looking up. Troy looked up to see his father jumping gout of his skin. "Sorry, Dad, couldn't sleep." Troy sighed out. "Help me out for a sec here, Troy?" Jack said. Troy headed towards the opposite side of the truck, bending over, across from his father. "So, any problems?" Jack asked once more. Troy nodded dejectedly. "What's eating away at you?" Jack asked, his voice filled with concern. Troy sighed heavily. He just hoped he could help Brett. By the way Troy was about to describe his friend, he was worried he'd never be able to help this boy out of his shell of being peer-pressured. "It's Brett. Chad and him got into an argument today at school. Chad started going off at Brett. Basically, Brett is popular and was a little... hostile... towards Chad. I didn't know what to do, so I told Chad to apologize." Troy said, sighing. His father looked at him, not knowing what to say. "How did you get Mom to open up and trust you?" Troy asked. "It took time. Your mother had a rough time as a kid and had a lot of trust issues. I knew that, so I never pushed her into opening up. I pushed enough so she knew I was there when she needed me or if she ever wanted to talk but not enough to scare her away." Jack said. "Did she ever open up to you?" Troy asked. He didn't blame Brett for not being totally fine; sure, Brett was popular at East High but Troy knew he was depressed about it deep down. And these things took time, especially with how torn up he was when they had last spoke. No one should have had to go through such anxiety and peer-pressure.

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Troy is one of the nicest, sweetest guys in the world. If it came down to it, he would throw his kindness out to the world. If he could make someone happier than they were and make them feel a little better, that was the highlight of it all. Troy is community-minded and puts the well being of those who surround him before his own; particularly his girlfriend, Gabriella, and children. With his upbeat and often inspiring personality, Troy makes friends easily and attracts people from all walks of life. He has a way with words and an uncanny ability to motivate others.

13. Lucas Grabeel e Ashley Tisdale se odiavam!

Quem já ouviu ao álbum de "High School Musical", sabe que a última música é "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You", cantada por Zac Efron (ou Drew Seeley, no caso), Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale e Lucas Grabeel. A música até chegou a ganhar um clipe de estúdio nos extras do DVD, mas nunca foi explicada a sua existência ou por que ficou ausente do filme.

Troy Bolton

Troy Bolton

He pecked a kiss Gabriella on the cheek, before winking at her. Gabriella looked up and instantly smiled. Troy's eyes was full of pity and guilt. "Brie, I have a plan. I'm gonna talk to Brett after school today." Troy said with the seriousness of the situation clearly distinguishable. Gabriella chewed at her lip, trying her best not to falter under Troy's gaze. "Troy... Be careful. Brett is dealing with a lot." Gabriella said a little shaky. Troy looked at her, knowing she was 100% right. "You know, I keep finding myself wondering what is going on in Brett's mind; what he's thinking. What is really going on. I just need an answer." Troy said with such emotion in his voice. Looking around, Troy made sure no one heard what he said. Looking back at Gabriella, Troy saw she had a look of shock on her face. "Make him happy again, Troy. He needs it." Gabriella said sincerely. Troy winked at her.

A canadense Cassie Steele, conhecida por "Degrassi: A Próxima Geração" na época, foi escolhida para interpretar Gabriella. Já o papel de Troy ia para Matthew Underwood, de "Zoey 101". No entanto, nenhum dos dois conseguiu conciliar as suas agendas e novos atores foram escolhidos para os papéis.

A situação piora quando eles decidem se inscrever para cantar no musical de primavera da instituição e chamam a atenção da patricinha Sharpay Evans e o seu irmão, Ryan Evans. Lançado em 2006 no Disney Channel, o longa se tornou um sucesso de público e ganhou duas novas sequências, sendo que a última delas estreou nos cinemas.

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Gabriella shows him how she danced with her father when she was a little girl and they begin singing "Can I Have This Dance?" even when it starts pouring with rain. Troy then takes Gabriella home after school, and while they sit in her backyard, she chides him that he should be able to tell his dad and Chad that he enjoys performing. He replies that while she and her mom both chose Stanford as the place she should be, he feels that the University of Albuquerque was chosen for him, not by him. Mrs. Montez interrupts the moment, but Troy is clearly unsure where he should go after high school. Troy and Chad are next seen presenting Taylor with a tray of something Zeke baked fresh from the oven. Taylor and Gabriella congratulate them on kissing up to the editors of the yearbook, and Troy teases that Chad is hoping to have two pages fully to himself, with a third page solely for his hair. Chad then casually refers to Taylor going with him to the prom, and she stops him by saying that she wants an invitation, which that wasn't. Troy then meets Chad in the cafeteria and gives him a bouquet of wildflowers from the roof garden. Chad tries to ask Taylor to be his date, but she pretends to misunderstand because of all the noise. Troy hollers for quiet, and Chad stands on a table opposite Taylor, Gabriella, Kelsi, and Martha, before pleading for Taylor to be his date to the dance. The four girls huddle as though talking the pros and cons over before Taylor stands and accepts him with an enthusiastic hug.

Described as the ultimate looker, Troy Bolton has high cheekbones, a straight classical nose, and sensual lips. He has silky-soft, light chestnut-colored hair, with hints of a sandy-brown hidden within its depths that fall over the fronts of his brows. Troy's eyes are the colour of cerulean (a shade of blue ranging between azure and a darker sky blue). His skin is golden with a tan complexion.

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Troy squeezed his eyes shut and took a deep breath. He flickered his eyes back open. He was going to be the person to let Brett know he was 100% there for him. Troy looked down to see Brett looking back at him, his eyes puffy and red but still looking strong to him as Brett gave him a small smile. "Thank you... for listening." Brett said. "None needed but you are very welcome. Just glad I was able to be here for you and even more so in person." Troy assured. Troy felt the weight on his chest disappear. He looked down to see Brett looking back at him, his eyes puffy and red but still looking strong to him as Brett gave him a small smile. He felt remorse for Brett because he had been put through so much peer-pressure and the pain clearly ate away at him. And Troy felt remorse for him because he didn't want this to dominate his life. "Hey, I gotta run. I told my dad I'd pick up something to eat for him and bring it over for dinner." Troy said, forcing his hands into his pockets, slowly taking a few steps back. "Okay." Brett simply said, nodding.

The engine of Troy's beat-up truck came to a stop, as he and Gabriella pulled up to the Danforths' household. Opening the car door, Troy stepped out and headed towards the passenger side and opened the door for Gabriella. "Milady." Troy said, grabbing onto Gabriella's hand and pulled her towards the ground safely. He closed the door behind her as he wrapped his arm lovingly around her body. Troy's shoes clicked against the pavement on the way toward the Danforths' front door. His eyes scanned the white marble. "This place looks crowded!" Troy said rising his voice. Gabriella shook her head and scanned the room for their friends. Troy grinned and waved his hands when he spotted Chad and Taylor talking indistinctly. "Chad, Taylor! Hey!" Troy called out. Chad and Taylor turned sharply and their faces broke into a smile. "Yo, Hoops! Gabster! You finally made it! What took you too so long?" Chad bellowed. "Gabs took so long getting dressed. I think I almost died." Troy sighed. Gabriella glared at Troy, which made Taylor roll her eyes. "I needed to find the right thing to wear tonight. Troy, here, does not understand that." Gabriella defended. Chad looked at Gabriella and gave her a sympathetic smile. Gabriella smiled. "Finally someone here understands the art of fashion." Taylor said. Troy snorted with a laugh. "That's right. But is that truly the reason why you two were late? No other reasons? Like, a hard time finding parking?" Chad asked with a wink. "Eww!" Troy and Gabriella said in unison. Gabriella cringed at Chad's innuendo and shut their eyes tightly. "You know Troy and I would never do that." Gabriella protested. "If you say so!" Taylor said with a wink. "So where is everyone else?" Troy asked, switching the subject. "Out by the pool. But everyone knows the party doesn't start until the 'golden couple' walks into the room." Taylor said, shrugged. "You have to stop everyone from calling us that." Troy rebuked, crinkling his nose. "They know what our relationship is." Gabriella defended lovingly as she kissed Troy on the lips. "But no one can help it. You guys are always together, not to mention your popularity status. You two are top of the food chain. Your presence affects if this party will be good or not. Although our presence is also meaningful." Chad said as he looked at Taylor with heart-eyes.

Qual faculdade Troy Bolton vai?

Universidade da Califórnia Para a glória de toda a turma. No final, Troy decide ir para Universidade da Califórnia, em Berkeley, como atleta e estudante de música.

Quem faz a voz de Troy Bolton?

Drew SeeleyHigh School Musical Troy Bolton/Dublado por

Qual foi o primeiro filme de Zac Efron?

17 Outra Vez (2009) Seu primeiro filme solo de sucesso foi 17 Outra Vez (2009), que estreou em primeiro lugar nos Estados Unidos e contava com Zac no protagonismo. Apesar de ter origem judaica, Zac é um agnóstico declarado. Ele teve um relacionamento de 5 anos com a colega de telas da franquia musical, Vanessa Hudgens.

Quem faz a voz de Zac Efron?

Drew Seeley Foi aí que chamaram Drew Seeley para fazer a voz do jogador de basquete em canções como “Breaking Free” e “Start of Something New“.

Quem cantava pelo Troy?

Drew Seeley Durante o primeiro filme, nenhuma das músicas com a participação do Troy Bolton, interpretado por Zac Efron, contém a voz verdadeira do ator. Elas são, na verdade, cantadas pelo cantor e compositor Drew Seeley, que participou da turnê de shows mundiais do High School Musical em 2007 no lugar de Zac.

Qual o primeiro filme de Zac Efron?

17 Outra Vez (2009) Seu primeiro filme solo de sucesso foi 17 Outra Vez (2009), que estreou em primeiro lugar nos Estados Unidos e contava com Zac no protagonismo. Apesar de ter origem judaica, Zac é um agnóstico declarado. Ele teve um relacionamento de 5 anos com a colega de telas da franquia musical, Vanessa Hudgens.

Quem é Zac?

Zac é produto de um derramamento tóxico que percorreu um tubo quimtec e se armazenou em uma caverna isolada no Sumidouro de Zaun.

Onde Zac Efron estudou?

Arroyo Grande High School2006 Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts2000–2001Paulding Middle School Zac Efron/Formação

Quem dubla o Zac Efron em High School Musical?

Drew Seeley Dublagem. Ao contrário do que ocorreu no primeiro filme, em que foi parcialmente dublado por Drew Seeley, Zac Efron cantou todas as músicas de seu personagem em High School Musical 2.