Quem O Pai Do Jack Sparrow?

Quem o pai do Jack Sparrow

Piratas do Caribe: A Maldição do Pérola Negra

About a year later, Jack is imprisoned at a Turskish prison. With the help of his father, Edward Teague, Jack escapes and finds a drawing of a key. Sparrow begins his search for the Dead Man's Chest, which contains the heart of Davy Jones. Sparrow made a bargain with Jones to raise the sunken Black Pearl and make Sparrow captain for thirteen years. Now the debt is due, and Bootstrap Bill Turner warns that Sparrow must either serve one hundred years aboard the Flying Dutchman, or be dragged to Davy Jones's Locker by the Kraken. Jack believes if he can find the Dead Man's Chest, he can free his soul as well as control Jones and the seas.

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Sparrow arrives in Port Royal, Jamaica on a sinking boat, seeking to commandeer a new ship. Despite rescuing Elizabeth Swann, the daughter of Governor Weatherby Swann, from drowning, he is jailed for piracy. That night the Black Pearl attacks Port Royal and Elizabeth is kidnapped. The Black Pearl's captain, Hector Barbossa, desperately seeks one last gold coin, needed to break thr Aztec Gold curse that he and his crew are under. A blacksmith named Will Turner frees Sparrow to aid him in rescuing Elizabeth. They commandeer HMS Interceptor and recruit a motley crew in Tortuga, Haiti before heading to Isla de Muerta, where Elizabeth is held. Along the way, Will learns that Sparrow was the Black Pearl's original captain until Barbossa led a mutiny ten years earlier and took over the ship, marooning Sparrow on an island to die. Sparrow tells Turner that his father was a pirate known as "Bootstrap" Bill Turner.

They are able to track the Trident to its resting place. Though Salazar nearly kills Jack, they are able to destroy the Trident. With the destruction of the Trident, Salazar and his crew become mortal again. Jack, Henry and Carina escape as Barbossa sacrifices himself to kill Salazar. Despite their differences, Jack mourns Barbossa's death. Later, Jack watches Will and Elizabeth's reunion before he departs, sailing with the Black Pearl, and Barbossa's monkey, Jack, and his compass once again in his possession.

Jack Sparrow

 Jack Sparrow

Jack estava em busca de uma tripulação e um navio em Port Royal até que precisou salvar uma mulher, Elizabeth Swann, e foi preso em seguida por ser um pirata. Ele seria libertado mais tarde por um homem, Will Turner, para ajudá-lo a resgatar Elizabeth do Pérola Negra. Jack concordou em ajudar (principalmente depois de ter ouvido o nome de Will). Jack e Will roubaram um navio e foram a Tortuga formar uma tripulação. De lá eles partiram para Isla de Muerta, onde Will o acertou com o remo e o deixou inconsciente, quando acordou se levantou (ainda com a tontura do golpe que recebeu), e foi capturado por Barbossa e mais à frente seria largado a própria sorte em uma ilha junto com Elizabeth. Quando a Marinha Real Britânica os resgatou, Jack retornaria a Isla de Muerta para barganhar com Barbossa, Jack aproveitou a oportunidade para soltar Will e batalhar com Barbossa, no final Jack teve sua vingança, matando Barbossa e recuperando o Pérola Negra.

At Sparrow's execution in Port Royal, Will saves Sparrow, but they are quickly captured. Elizabeth intervenes, declaring her love for Will who is pardoned, while Sparrow escapes by tumbling off a sea wall. The Black Pearl and her new crew arrive in time to retrieve him, and he becomes captain once more. Impressed by the wily pirate, Norrington allows him one day's head start before giving chase.

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While in prison, Jack is contacted by Henry Turner, the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, who asks for aid in finding the Trident of Poseidon, as both are in need of its power to break curses related to the sea. The Trident could help save Sparrow from Salazar's revenge and free Will from the Flying Dutchman. Remembering Will and Elizabeth, expressing some hesitation, Jack agrees. The next day, Sparrow is sentenced to be executed by guillotine (by Jack's accidental choosing), but is rescued by his crew. Aided by aspiring astronomer Carina, Jack and Henry attempt to locate the Trident of Poseidon. Barbossa releases the Pearl from its bottle, giving them a chance to outrun Salazar. Jack and Barbossa discuss the fact that Carina is Hector's long-lost daughter, whom he had left at an orphanage in order to give her a chance for a better life. Jack attempts to use the secret to blackmail Barbossa, but fails.

At the Brethren Court, Elizabeth has succeeded Captain Sao Feng as a Pirate Lord and is elected "Pirate King" after Sparrow breaks a stalemate vote. Sparrow is briefly reunited with his father, Captain Teague. During a parley with Beckett and Jones, Sparrow is traded for Turner, whom Jones and Beckett had captured. The Black Pearl battles the Flying Dutchman during a maelstrom created by Calypso, during which Sparrow fights Jones for the chest so that he may acquire Jones' heart to become immortal. When Jones mortally wounds Turner, Sparrow instead chooses to save Turner by helping him stab the heart, which kills Jones and makes Turner the Dutchman's captain. Together, the Pearl and the Dutchman destroy Beckett's ship. At the end, Barbossa again commandeers the Pearl and Sao Feng's charts, stranding Sparrow and Gibbs in Tortuga. However, Sparrow had managed to cut out the navigational section of the charts and with them begins to search for the legendary Fountain of Youth.

After locating the Fountain of Youth, a battle ensues until Angelica cuts her hand trying to remove Barbossa's poisoned sword from Blackbeard's chest. Jack receives the chalices from Syrena, who tells him to not waste her tear. Barbossa takes Blackbeard's Sword and becomes captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Filling the chalices with the remaining drops of water from the Fountain, Jack tricks Blackbeard into drinking the chalice lacking the mermaid's tear. Despite Blackbeard choosing to murder her so he can live, Angelica is mad at Jack about her father's death. Acknowledging their feelings for one another, Jack maroons Angelica with on a small island named Sola Fide Beach, unsure if he can trust her. Angered, Angelica then uses the one shot from her pistol to kill Jack as he rows away, but misses. Jack reunites with Gibbs, who used Sparrow's compass to locate and retrieved the shrunken Black Pearl. Though he has forfeited his opportunity for immortality, Sparrow tells Gibbs he's settling for being famous as the one who found the Fountain of Youth and determined to continue living the pirate's life. The Jack Sparrow voodoo doll however, drifted to the island that Angelica is marooned on.

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

The rescue attempt goes awry and Barbossa maroons Jack and Elizabeth on the same island upon which he had stranded Sparrow before. Elizabeth creates a signal fire from rum barrels and they are rescued by the Royal Navy. Sparrow cuts a deal with Commodore James Norrington to lead Norrington to the Black Pearl. Norrington refuses until Elizabeth, desperate to save Will, spontaneously accepts Norrington's earlier marriage proposal. Right before the film's climactic battle with the pirates at Isla de Muerta, Sparrow swipes a cursed coin from the treasure chest, making himself immortal and capable of dueling Barbossa. He shoots his nemesis with the pistol he has carried for ten years just as Will breaks the curse, killing Barbossa. Despite having assisted the Navy, Sparrow is sentenced to hang.

Jack trocou sua bússola com Tia Dalma. Sua agulha nunca aponta para o norte, então parece inútil à primeira vista. No entanto, a bússola realmente tem qualidades sobrenaturais, dando-lhe uma vantagem especial. Embora não possa ser usado para navegação normal, ele orienta para o que a pessoa que o possui mais deseja no momento. Como o mais especial de todos os seus bens, esta bússola seria usada em muitas das aventuras de Jack Sparrow, incluindo a busca pelo Tesouro de Cortés, o Baú do Homem Morto, a Fonte da Juventude e o Tridente de Poseidon.


Sparrow and his crew attempt to rob the new bank of St. Martin. The robbery is a success, but all the gold in it had fallen while they were dragging the locker, and Sparrow's crew abandons him. Despondent, Jack trades his magical compass for a drink. However, this betrayal of the compass releases an old enemy, who holds a serious grudge against Sparrow; the ruthless ghostly pirate hunter Captain Armando Salazar. Years previously, Jack had defeated Salazar by tricking him into sailing his ship into the Devil's Triangle, where Salazar and his crew were cursed to live as the undead. Salazar states that Jack perched in the ship's rigging like a "little bird", earning him the name "Jack the Sparrow".

When Jack was only 18, the Spanish Captain Armando Salazar decided to eliminate piracy from the seas. Killing dozens of pirates, Salazar soon slaughtered the remaining pirates of the Caribbean in a Battle off the Devil's Triangle, killing the captain of the Wicked Wench in the process. The captain gave Jack a compass that Jack had previously bartered from Tia Dalma, and warned him to never betray it. Jack took the Wicked Wench's helm and by making a bootleg turn tricked Salazar's ship, the Silent Mary, to sail straight into the Triangle, killing Salazar and saving piracy. The pirates then gave Jack a tribute, which would later constitute his pirate regalia.

Two months later, with Davy Jones's heart in his possession and the Flying Dutchman under his command, Cutler Beckett begins exterminating all pirates. To combat Beckett, the nine pirate lords of the Brethren Court convene at Shipwreck Cove. Only Jack Sparrow is missing, killed and sent to Davy Jones's Locker. Sparrow, as Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, must attend, as he did not bequeath to a designated heir his "piece of eight", a pirate lord's marker. The collective "nine pieces of eight" are needed to free sea goddess Calypso to defeat Beckett. With Elizabeth and Will, Barbossa leads Sparrow's crew to Davy Jones's Locker using stolen navigational charts from the pirate lord Sao Feng. After the crew locate him, Sparrow deciphers a clue on the charts allowing them to escape the Locker.


Agora com seu precioso Pérola em sua posse novamente, Jack corria contra o tempo para fugir de uma antiga dívida. Em uma noite Jack encontrou um antigo conhecido, Bootstrap Bill Turner, que veio em nome de Davy Jones, o avisando que o "Leviatã de Jones"(o Kraken) viria atrás de Jack. Completamente em pânico, Jack acordou a tripulação inteira para ir rumo a qualquer "terra" próxima. Jack e sua tripulação foram parar na ilha dos Pelegostos, uma tribo de canibais. Os Pelegostos acreditavam que Jack era um Deus em forma humana, Jack então agiu como o próprio, até conseguir um jeito de escapar.

Jack Sparrow's rival Hector Barbossa has become the richest and most powerful pirate of the seven seas, commanding a fleet of ten ships. Meanwhile, Jack has the Black Pearl still trapped in a bottle. Sparrow's new ship the Dying Gull has never left berth, and his latest plans have met with failure.

Even with the help of his compass, the Quest for the Fountain would last several years. Jack Sparrow gained some renown as the pirate who knew and memorized the Fountain of Youth's location. Joshamee Gibbs was put on trial in London until Sparrow himself arrived to rescue him as a disguised judge at the Old Bailey courthouse. However, they are captured at St James's Palace. Jack is dragged into a forced audience with King George II, who wants Sparrow to guide an expedition to the Fountain. Hector Barbossa, now a privateer in the service to the British with a peg leg, reveals to Jack that he lost his leg and the Black Pearl, which he believes to be sunk. Jack Sparrow escapes and crosses paths with a "Jack Sparrow" impostor, Angelica, a woman from Sparrow's past and ruthless con artist. Angelica shanghais Jack aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship captained by Blackbeard.

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Norrington escapes with the heart amid a battle with Jones's crew, and Jones summons the Kraken. Realizing Sparrow is the target, Elizabeth traps him aboard the Black Pearl as the crew abandons the ship, and kisses him while she handcuffs him to the mast. Then, the monster devours Sparrow and drags the ship and his soul to Davy Jones's Locker. The surviving crew seeks refuge with Tia Dalma who produces a captain she says can rescue Sparrow: a resurrected Hector Barbossa.

Angelica tells Jack she is conning about being Blackbeard's daughter, though later revealed she was telling the truth, and that Blackbeard wanting to find the Fountain to avoid a prophesied death. Although Jack incites a mutiny, saving the missionary named Philip Swift and fighting zombie officers, Blackbeard himself subdues the mutineers with a sword that controls ships. Blackbeard also practices voodoo magic and fashions a voodoo doll to bend Jack Sparrow to his will. Jack learns from Angelica that the ritual for the Fountain requires a mermaid's tear and two silver chalices located on Ponce de León's ship, the Santiago, and the person who drinks the water with the tear gets all the years of life from the other. Angelica also shows Jack Blackbeard's collection of ships in bottles, including the Black Pearl. After capturing the mermaid Syrena at Whitecap Bay, Blackbeard sends Jack to get the chalices, taking his compass and threatening his own daughter at gunpoint. Aboard the Santiago, Jack meets Barbossa, but both find that the chalices have been taken by the Spanish. Before retrieving the chalices, Barbossa reveals his true agenda: revenge against Blackbeard for the attack on the Black Pearl, which Barbossa truly believes to be sunk, which led to cutting off his leg via self-amputation. Jack returns to give Blackbeard the chalices in exchange for Angelica's safety and Jack's compass, which Jack sends Gibbs off with.

As witnessed by many people, from Will Turner and Hector Barbossa to Davy Jones and Angelica, Jack was a skilled swordsman and marksman. He also made many daring escapes, often from the British Navy. Jack valued his hat above all other of his effects, possibly because it was one of the items he received as tribute when he defeated Salazar.