Quem Comps Clice?

Quem comps Clice

Click speed test is an online free AI-based tool accessible to all the users to calculate their clicking speed. Taking up the test assists users in accomplishing maximum mouse clicks in a bounded time.

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A few tips and tricks on how to click even faster.

  • Hold the mouse with one hand (your weaker hand) so that the mouse does not slip when you click with the other hand.
  • The mouse pointer should point to the blue area of the Clicker Test.
  • You have to press the click button of the mouse with your fingers as fast as you can with the other hand.
  • You can also try clicking the mouse button with two fingers alternately.
  • The distance between your finger and the mouse should be as small as possible to save time and thus clicks, which can make the winner of the clicker test.
  • Repetition! After a few rounds of play, you'll have gotten used to it or optimized your clicking behavior and loosened up and warmed up your fingers.
  • Good luck and above all have fun!

Their original meanings are essentially synonymous, referring to printing blocks from which numerous prints could be made. In fact, cliché means stereotype in French. Their modern meanings, however, are quite distinct. Cliché is today overwhelmingly encountered in reference to something hackneyed, such as an overly familiar or commonplace phrase, theme, or expression. Stereotype is most frequently now employed to refer to an often unfair and untrue belief that many people have about all people or things with a particular characteristic.

Our CPS Test made its debut on September 5, 2019. On that first day, a single user from Canada, who happened to be a friend, took the test. The next day, 27 more users, also our friends, joined in the testing. Within just two months, the average daily user count for our CPS Test had swelled to between 200 and 300, with many professional gamers among them. Now over 30,000 users take our CPS Test each day. Thank you for your trust in us. We are very proud of this achievement.

Benefits Of Click Test Apps and Games

Benefits Of Click Test Apps and Games

The ultimate Click Test Challenge in office with colleagues, with your friends or with the whole family. Challenge others to a Click Speed Test Duel and show them who can click faster. Try to get as many clicks as possible before the time runs out. You can set the length of the Clicker Test between 1 and 60 seconds. The time runs like a countdown. Just click on the blue area to start a game.

Since Sep 5, 2019, there were 25,493,575 people who took this CPS test. (as of May 4, 2023). On average, one person took the test around 5.25 times.

Click Speed Test World Record

Aqui em CPS-Check nós oferecemos a você um aplicativo online simples e direto que pode verificar seu CPS para diferentes períodos de tempo com gráficos e tabelas de histórico.

Gaming addicts can amplify their clicking stamina and boost their gaming skills using CPS test tool. We provide users with plenty of variations from the newbie mode to expert mode, and they can opt for any one of them as per their ease.

The Click Test also works on smartphones and tablets. Instead of clicking with your mouse, you have to tap with your finger. On mobile, just pull up the clicker-test.com page and it automatically adapts on any smartphone and tablet, so you can play on the go from anywhere. An optimized design for at least the same gaming fun as on the desktop with the mouse.

Kids Definition of cliché

Kids Definition of <em>cliché</em>

Butterfly Clicking involves putting two fingers on a single mouse button and clicking in alternation with both fingers as fast as possible. This essentially doubles your standard clicking speed as it allows you to use and coordinate two fingers.

Clicking mouse at a higher speed with utmost accuracy matters a lot when it comes to Minecraft gaming. A player who is efficient at clicking speedily and precisely is the one who aims accurately.

With 10 or more clicks per second, you're faster than average and thus have an exceptional CPS score that you can further improve with practice. But even a beginner starts small or slower. The Clicker Test is simple, so you can quickly improve from round to round.

Teste de 5 segundos de clique

To sum it up briefly, if you can correctly hit the enemy player with a higher CPS than them, you are more likely to deal damage more frequently, and knock them back more than they do to you. Finally, it's also easier to build combo attacks that way. Do note that some non-PvP servers, such as purely Survival servers, disabled this way of PvP, which means they are less skill-based in terms of combat.

We are a team of experienced developers with years of expertise in game development and esports. We constantly strive to make the CPS Test an outstanding online resource for assessing your gaming abilities and physical skills. Feel free to bookmark our CPS Test and explore new features and games as they are introduced.


Other than having an advantage in defeating other players more easily, high CPS is also useful in some cases of bridging - which means creating bridges to cross over an empty space. For example, to get on a SkyWars island to attack someone. This is prevalent in types of bridging like godbridging, which requires quite a high CPS to perform correctly.

Taking up the right click cps test enables users to register mouse clicks swiftly. Practicing the click test will boost up your mouse clicking accuracy, which further assists players hit aims quickly while gaming.

Users looking to test their mouse-clicking ability and hit maximum clicks in a defined period also play the click speed test game and enjoy its features and benefits. Faster clicking always works in our favor.


The CPS is an important value when it comes to your click speed with the mouse or finger in games. Have you ever played games on your smartphone where you have to tap something as fast as possible to perform an action or unlock an item? Or using the mouse to click as fast as possible to craft something in role-playing games or shoot quickly in shooter games?

The words cliché and stereotype have a good deal in common. Both come from French, both were originally printers’ terms, and both have come to take on somewhat negative meanings in modern use.

Word History

Word History

Como muitas coisas na vida, para clicar mais rápido você precisa praticar muito. Se você acabou de começar a aumentar o CPS em jogos, pode fazer esse teste repetidamente por vários minutos todos os dias.

The clicks speed test game is developed by keeping in mind the gamers. The various time modes and challenges of this tool assist gamers in achieving a higher clicking pace that enhances their gaming skills.

CPS-Check desenha um gráfico de seu CPS durante os testes de mais de 5 segundos para que você possa ver como sua velocidade de clique muda com o tempo. É um recurso muito importante que ajudará a detectar a fadiga muscular, especialmente durante testes longos.

Para que serve o cálice?

O cálice, do latim calix ou do grego kylix que era usado nos simpósios, é um recipiente destinado a conter líquidos. É usado concretamente em certos rituais cristãos para conter o vinho com água, sendo apresentado no altar.

Em qual momento histórico a música Cálice foi escrita?

Era um feriado prolongado, vulgo semana santa, em 1973 quando Gilberto Gil escreveu os primeiros versos da canção que viria a ser um hino contra a opressão militar.

Para que serve o cálice de vinho?

O cálice de vinho é composto por pé, haste e bojo. ... O cálice de vinho possui a tarefa de direcionar o vinho para o lugar ideal e, por isso, é fundamental que cada tipo de vinho tenha seu respectivo cálice de vinho para ser degustado.

Qual é a diferença entre taça e cálice?

As diferenças entre cálice e taça, no sentido da sua pergunta, segundo os dicionários de português, resumem-se ao seguinte: o cálice é «copo pequeno, tipicamente com pé»; a taça é «vaso pouco fundo e de boca larga». ... Há quem lhe chame taça, mas os apreciadores de vinho costumam designá-lo por copo com pé.

Qual o sentido possível para a palavra Cálice na canção?

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